Katja Kuhar Smiljanić is a freelance designer based in Slovenia with a history of working in the textile and fashion design industry since 2011. Katja is master’s graduate from Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering – University of Ljubljana. Katja runs her own label K a t j a K u h a r and has been succesfully representing her work either solo or in cooperation with designers and various artists at different events and exhibitions. 


ABOUT BRAND are locally produced products. Due to the influence of fast fashion, there is a widespread belief in this field that clothes are consumables that we throw away after a few wears. With our service we want to raise awareness of the problematic attitude towards clothing, transform it and lay the foundations for a new practice, more environmentally conscious.

SUSTAINABLE VISION and advantage of the brand is the careful selection of fabrics, which not only brings durability, but also the highest quality, some of them also have an eco-label. The reuse of unused textiles from the so-called “stock” in cooperation with major textile companies is also a brand idea.


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